I'm Nick Coleman

Student  |  Athlete  |  Creator

And an incredibly inexperienced web-designer who managed to use 6 years of programming experience to make this website work. Enjoy!

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The Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Graduation 2021, GPA 4.00
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My first two years of college were at Penn State Behrend, which is a branch campus of The Pennsylvania State University that offers an ABET accredited computer science program.

Academic Experience

Relevant Coursework

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (Currently Taking)
  • Systems Programming (Currently Taking)
  • Computer Organization and Design (Currently Taking)
  • Introduction to Programming Techniques
  • Intermediate Programming
  • Digital Design
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Web-Based Applications
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • Technical Writing (With an Engineering Focus)
  • Physics: Mechanics
  • Physics: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Calculus with Analytical Geometry I, II, III


Penn State Behrend Lions

Track and Cross Country 2017 - 2019

Personal Records
  • 60m: 7.60
  • 200m: 23.21
  • 400m: 50.84
  • 8,000m: 30:03.0
  • 4x100m Relay: 42.8
  • 4x200m Relay: 1:32.47
  • 4x400m Relay: 3:26.61
  • Colonial States Ahletic Conference Record Holder in the 4x400m Relay 2018

Norwin Knights

Track and Cross Country 2014 - 2017

Personal Records
  • 60m: 7.72
  • 200m: 23.49
  • 400m: 49.03
  • 5,000m: 17:49.0
  • 4x100m Relay: 42.94
  • 4x400m Relay: 3:18.26
  • PIAA 4x400m Relay Champion 2017
  • PIAA 400m 9th Place 2017



Ticket-Counter Program

One of my favorite creations from my Freshman year was a program that simulates a receipt tracking application. The program uses a custom-built linked-list to keep track of the movie tickets bought by individuals. The application then prints a receipt.

Challenges Encountered
  • Developing a linked-list that is capable of inserting, deleting, searching, printing, appending, and retrieving
  • Developing custom linked-list operations such as determining whether a customer has purchased four or more tickets

Java World Database Interface

The most challenging application I've created was an application using Maven and the JDBC that allowed a user to search and modify an SQLite database consisting of information on world countries, languages, and cities.

Challenges Encountered
  • Figuring out how to properly write the queries to retrieve the correct ResultSets
  • Combing through three tables of all of the world's countries, languages, and cities to validate program output
  • Correctly updating the necessary database fields when a user submits an edit
  • Balancing a comfortable user experience while efficiently solving the complex problem
  • Being able to not massacre the database's contents with bad code (Backups required)

Arithmetic Logic Unit

My Digital Design course and lab is presenting unique challenges: in this instance, we needed to create an ALU that is capable of adding, subtracting, logical ANDing, and logical ORring two 4-Bit numbers.

Challenges Encountered
  • Writing VHDL code that does not fry our FPGA design board
  • Figuring out how to utilize our Ripple-Carry-Adder to form the Subtractor
  • Successfully implementing a multiplexer to allow the user to choose which operation is performed
  • Writing the full circuit schematic of our 4-Bit ALU
  • Finishing the project in 4 hours of lab-time

TBD for Fall 2019

For this semesters's infamous Systems Programming class, rumor has it that we are to develop our own proxy server using C. This will be interesting...


TBD for Fall 2019

The first homework assignment for Systems Programming was a decimal to binary converter in C on the Linux CentOS. Accomplished using the classical duo of modulus and divide by 2 algorithm, things are starting off easy... too easy.


TBD for Fall 2019

My Computer Architecture and Design class is a continuation of the Digital Design course I took last semester, but instead of VHDL we are using Verilog.